robicellis:Flavors: Wednesday, July 27th I’ve gotten about a million billion questions this week, so instead of writing something quirky about time travel or something equally awesome, you’re getting some FAQs.  That’s what happens when you ask too many questions, nosypants.

“How often is the store at DeKalb open?”

Seven days a week, folks!  This is NOT the Flea or a weekend only dealie or a pop-up. We are there every single day…..except Christmas. And Thanksgiving. Probably closed for New Years, too.  And Good Friday.  But if you guys need us on Arbor Day or Cinco de Mayo, you bet your ass we WILL be open!

“What are your hours?”

Right now, Sunday from 10-7, Monday through Thursday 11-7, and Friday and Saturday from 10-10.  If we decided to change the hours we’ll let you know- we’re still figuring this out.

“Are you baking at the store?”

No- the store is a little over 140 square feet, meaning that even if we wanted to do it, there’s no way it could happen.  Our kitchen just happens to be about a 10 minute drive away, so this is what we do: we go in during the night shift, bake til the wee hours of the morning, then go home and go to bed.  Early morning, our neighbor Mike wakes up, drives to the kitchen and picks everything up, then drops it off at the store right before opening.  Andrew stock the cupcakes in the case and runs the shop, while we go back to the kitchen to bake.

“Who is this ‘Andrew’ you speak of?”

This guy:


Andrew is a good friend of ours, a father of two kids the same ages as our boys, and the holder of a Master’s degree in quantitative statistical something something I forgot.  Anyway, he’s one of the smartest (and funniest) guys we know, but he finished his degree right after the economy went to hell, so he graduated into a world with zero job prospects.  But did Andrew sit back and complain, and just idly wait until something that met his ridiculous qualifications came along? HELL NO! Andrew isn’t one to sit back and do nothing, and so he came to work for us at our old store, and was without question one of the greatest people we ever worked with.

It’s funny that when a store closes, we just look at it as a “thing”- as if it had no human impact. When we closed, like the many Bay Ridge businesses that have shuttered in the past 3 years, a lot of people lost their jobs, and Andrew was one of them.  We are so, so lucky that we were able to hire him back, because he’s been such an important part of Robicelli’s since the very beginning, and it wouldn’t feel right if anyone else was running that store.  

And remember, the more you support not only us but ALL the small businesses in your neighborhood, the more jobs you create.  That does a lot more good for the economy than just bitching about the government on Facebook all day.

“When will you and Matt be there?”

For the first month at least, we’re going to try and ensure one of us is there on the weekends while the other one stays in the kitchen and bakes.  However, we didn’t plan for the near-destruction of our apartment when we drafted up the plan for the store, so we’ll more than likely be plotting our schedules on a day to day basis until the flooding situation has been resolved.  But you will have to believe me that Andrew is just as good, if not BETTER then Matt or I, so you’ll definitely want to go down and spend lots of time with him.  

“How are you deciding on what flavors to do?”

We are making this up as we go along.  Right now we’re buying a bunch of inventory for select flavors, and making them for a few days until we run out of the correct ingredients.  We keep picking up different things during the week to work with, so even though you’ll see our usual rotation flavors there, we’ll have those flavors for more days than our wholesale shops do, and you’ll be seeing lots of off-rotation flavors as well.

We’re also going to be sending most of our new flavors to DeKalb first rather than just releasing them straight to the public so we can see how they play out.  Also, all our “wilder” flavors, like El Guapo, The Iona and Chicken n’Waffles will be at DeKalb on a semi-regular basis (in fact- the Elvis is returning for this weekend!).

“How do I know what flavors you’ll have at DeKalb every day? Will you post them here?”

I’m working on setting up a new site specifically for the DeKalb store, and by working on it, I mean putting it on my to-do list and then sleeping in front of my computer with my eyes open.  In the interim, all flavors will be posted each day on our Facebook page, so make sure you’re a fan (and remember there’s a link right below our name on this page).  

“Will you be having some sort of Grand Opening party or something?”

I promise you that we’re going to have LOTS of great events not only at our shop, but at DeKalb as a whole.  We’re going to have something pretty spectacular come next Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled…………..

“Where are the pictures of the shop?”

I haven’t had any time to upload them. You got some? Show us on Facebook. Besides- stores not done yet…….I still have to get artwork together, install the baseboards, install the back counter………..IT NEVER ENDS!!!!

“This is an FAQ, but you didn’t A my Q! Was it not F enough?”

Again, head over to Facebook and ask me.  I’m taking questions all the time over there.  And screwing around a little.  Come on, it’s ME we’re talking about.

“What are today’s flavors?”

I’m glad you asked!!!


Clockwise from front: The North Fork, S’Mores, Estelle Getty, Key Lime Cheesecake

The North Fork: Chocolate cabernet cake, blackberry cabernet buttercream, cabernet simmered blackberries

S’Mores: Chocolate cake, speculoos pudding, toasted marshmallow buttercream, ganache, graham cracker crumbs

Estelle Getty: Almond cake, cheesecake buttercream, crushed imported Amaretti cookies from Sicily

Back After Two Years in the Vault! Key Lime Cheesecake: Graham cracker cake, key lime curd, key lime cheesecake buttercream, graham cracker crumbs and lime zest


ROBICELLI’S AT DEKALB MARKET: 332 Flatbush Ave Extention off Willoughby, Downtown Brooklyn

HOM- Third Avenue and 88th Street, Bay Ridge

BLUE APRON FOODS- Union Street off 7th Avenue, Park Slope

BATTERY PLACE MARKET:  77 Battery Place, Battery Park City

JOE: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY-  W. 120th btwn Broadway & Amsterdam Avenue

RED HOOK LOBSTER POUND: 284 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook and Roving Food Truck *Whoopie Pies only*

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The Nietzsche Family Circus

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1. He forgot to post it anonymously

2. He sent it to himself.

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4. His correction is wrong.

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And if we had babies they would look like you :”>

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of the knife’s stroke, the colors rhyme

softly and I think, I’ll miss this when I die.      This is how I enter appearances” —Brian Teare, from “Perceiving is the same as receiving and it is the same as responding.

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Safe? After 7 hours the game ends like this? 

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Safe? After 7 hours the game ends like this? 



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 Initially a bro’s bro Socrates wised up to the monetary value of out-questioning anyone. After scoring a perfect 180 on the LSAT he graduated at the top of his class in law school and now runs a very lucrative legal consulting firm in DC. He was last seen discussing strategy with Casey Anthony’s defense team.

Plato: We all remember Plato as this chill dude who was so hopeful you felt sorry for him a little bit. Everything was perfect, at least aimed at perfection, we just couldn’t see it. Unfortunately, this eternal letdown proved too much for Plato and after a few thousand years experimenting with weed and prescription pain pills, he OD’ed on Grace Cathedral hill in San Francisco, still holding a copy of Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

Aristotle: Tired of living in the shadow of more famous and learned philosophers Aristotle left the academy planning to rebel. He claimed to be religious for awhile, assuming that would most irritate his teachers. Failing to adequately nest under their skin he began demeaning their profession entirely. To date, Aristotle has published 28 volumes in the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series, his favorite being, of course, Philosophy of Twilight.

Pythagorus: Pythagorus struck it big with his hit eponymous theorem, the Pythagorean Theorem but like many child stars his latter years were marred by tragedy. None of his work ever measured up to his initial success and Pythagorus turned to uppers to help him stay up late at night, playing with tan grams and doing whippits. He filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, released a sex tape with Anaximander, and eventually developed a line of learning toys for toddlers he now sells in the 1-3am slot on QVC.

Heraclitus: Famous for saying you can never step in the same river twice, Heraclitus got a bad rap as a naysayer. Discouraged by this, he became a motivational speaker and toured the country delivering a poorly received but brazenly entitled lecture series: “You Can Step In Any River You Fucking Want!” After a string of unsuccessful reality makeover shows in which most of the contestants withdrew themselves from competing before any footage aired Heraclitus now runs his self-financed shows on community television.

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Received awesome color prints from @shapeways